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Organisers Australia
Company Profile: Organisers Australia are a Melbourne based events organiser. Operating for over 15 years , they have organised conferences for a wide variety of companies covering numerous industries.

Client Brief:


"Convert a paper-based conference brochure into a usable website. Make it easy to navigate and quick to use. A deadline of two weeks to have it fully working.."

Our Response:

We received a copy of the brochure on CD and a print copy for reference. First of all we worked out how to retain the design whilst making it work as a website. We then began converting the brochure into HTML pages using CSS to retain the formatting. Optimising the images reduced the size of the pages considerably.

Once this was all done we created a navigation bar for the top of the site and made a contents page for quick navigation from the off. We then finished the site by creating a title page which gave a good overview of what the site was all about whilst being very quick to load.

The site had links throughout to the secure booking form to reduce the number of clicks for users to 'buy-into' the event.

Result - site no longer online
NSC2003 Title Page
The homepage of the website
NSC2003 Converted Brochure Page


One of the many pages converted from the brochure

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